Box Mould

Box mould

Boxes currently applied to the field of logistics , such as beer box mould, milk box mould, food box mould, cargo box mould and a variety of workshops with a wide variety of workpieces boxes , etc., Often these boxes dimensions are larger and require good mechanical properties , low temperature resistance and weather resistance. To meet these requirements , the design of plastic parts , often used HDPE as raw material, and the outer surface of plastic parts in the sides and bottom of the design of a number of criss-crossing ribs to increase its strength and stiffness. because of large size plastic parts , complex shape , we usually apply point gate ; four side wall outer surface of a plurality of ribs mold formed with the concave side perpendicular to the direction you need to adopt side parting institutions forming. Point gate mold needs to make use of a three- plate structure , sequence and automatic ejection mechanism of gate institutions , mold complex structure , size large , steel consumption and more processing work long hours , mold costs are high, so we select hot runner of large gatet.
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