Bucket Mould

Bucket Mould mainly means Water bucket mould, Paint Bucket Mould and other plastic bucket mould.

Bucket mould Mould Design

Bucket mould mold runner system is very important. Gating system design should be reasonable or not affect the intrinsic properties of plastic parts quality , dimensional accuracy, appearance quality, efficiency molded plastic utilization . On the gating system design , the general should follow the following basic principles:

a) adaptation plastic molding process performancem, Learn plastic molding process performance, such as melt flow characteristics, temperature , shear rate on viscosity , the gating system should adapt to the characteristics of the plastic molding requirements to ensure the quality of plastic parts .
b) binding cavity layout considerations as to ensure at the same time each cavity filled with plastic melt , try to adopt a balanced layout, in order to set balanced runner . Cavity layout and gate opening mold parts along the axis of symmetry and strive to avoid opening the gate on one side of the mold to prevent mold withstand partial load arising from the phenomenon of excess material .
c) the cavity and gating system on the parting line projection center and the injection molding machine clamping force of the clamping mechanism center coincides with the clamping reliable, uniform force clamping mechanism . Cavity arrangement as compact as possible to reduce the mold dimensions. d) in favor of the exhaust gas in the cavity
Gating system should be filled with the plastic melt smoothly guided every corner of the cavity , the cavity , and the gas feed system ordered discharge filling process does not ensure turbulent flow , to avoid accumulation of gas caused by depression, bubbles, burn coke and other plastic parts molding defects.
e) to prevent the core deformation and displacement of the insert
Should try to avoid direct impact of thin plastic melt small core and inserts to prevent the fine small impact melt core deformation, so that the displacement inserts . f) to ensure the appearance of quality plastic parts
Slug gating system should enable easy separation and plastic , easy to remove traces of the gate trim , lossless appearance and use of plastic parts , the gate should be opened in a secluded place .
g) to reduce costs, improve production efficiency
Meet the cavity filled in under the premise of minimizing the volume of gating system to reduce plastic consumption ; possible to make plastic parts or less without post- processing, in order to shorten the molding cycle, improve production efficiency.
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