Chair Mould

Chair is the most common in our lives, it is one of the furniture, Almost intimate contact with us every day. Meanwhile, the chair also One of the most important daily furniture, As living standards improve, in people's life goals, great changes have taken place, compared with the past, people pay more attention to the quality of life, especially for some daily necessities, furniture, taste of heavier.
In modern chair, material appearing on the market become more and more diversified, evolved from the previous to the current wood plastic chairs, glass chairs, steel wooden chairs and so on.

Key consideration when designing the chair mould include three factors :
( 1 ) the selection of parting line and the location of the product in the mold .
( 2 ) type of gate and injection location is also important to consider .
( 3 ) the ejection system should be accurate and reasonable.

Through the plastic parts structure and requirements analysis, considering the size of the plastic parts, feed flow, balance and other factors.

Chair mould parting line selection and design of the exhaust gas components to establish sub-surface contour chair plastic parts of the complex curved parting surface, moving, fixed molding die after docking the chair seat portion, respectively, Back, armrests and legs of the outer surface of the slider and move, after the fixed mold inserts molded plastic parts with the inner surface of the legs and chairs
Seat inside and four side . To The cAE software analysis, gas and reliable sub-surface, the slider and move the fixed mold, such as putting the slider with the gap Discharge.
The reason of the rapid development of plastic chairs, widely used, is because in terms of other materials :

( 1 ) easy to shape, low cost
( 2 ) there is a certain strength, light weight
( 3 ) Corrosion resistance stability
( 4 ) transparency, good color and strong, high wear resistance and good insulation
( 5 ) shock absorption silencer, good transparency
( 6 ) However, it is poor in heat resistance, volatility, the aging phenomenon .
InjectionV mochair moulding - plastic melt pressure-driven flow through the channel, gate, to a lower temperature of the mold cavity filling, heat and melt the one hand, rapidly cooling the mold, on the other hand due to high shear heat generation, while accompanied by solidification of the melt, the volume shrinkage, molecular orientation and crystallization process possible .
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