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plastic trash can is a envirenmental protection nessecity, whether it is from his real practical value or value in use , or the fact that his quality and price are prominent , people first plastic trash is not jumped on the bandwagon , hear the wind is the rain , is the plastic trash indeed is indeed the so considerable ability , for the life of each family are unknown selfless dedication plastic trash at home when most needed it will appear in front of us , for we have been very conscious of plastic trash already put it defaults to the necessities of life is part of a family . When the plastic trash overall change and realize their own value beyond herself, before showing momentum of development. Vast market and boundless potential for development, and environmental protection are brought to life an invisible force . After a few years of transition , according to incomplete statistics, Beijing Green Clean Yang Chen , plastic trash has occupied the ranks of half green world, this is not only a family- half plastic bins, it is life street or in public places use of plastic trash. As the rapid development of products, trash , and practical value in various stages of this remarkable , plastic trash can will continue to thrive forward . Many families can say that the average will have a trash can, trash bin when manufacturers in the design considerations from the family from the streets and public places are also used in plastic trash into account. Such a use of more and better use of the results so sure many people will be affirmed by the value of the plastic trash can will become very natural cleaning magic.
In modern chair, material appearing on the market become more and more diversified, evolved from the previous to the current wood plastic chairs, glass chairs, steel wooden chairs and so on.

Key consideration when designing the mold include three factors :
( 1 ) the selection of parting line and the location of the product in the mold .
( 2 ) type of gate and injection location is also important to consider .
( 3 ) the ejection system should be accurate and reasonable.

Through the plastic parts structure and requirements analysis, considering the size of the plastic parts, feed flow, balance and other factors.

Parting line selection and design of the exhaust gas components to establish sub-surface contour chair plastic parts of the complex curved parting surface, moving, fixed molding die after docking the chair seat portion, respectively, Back, armrests and legs of the outer surface of the slider and move, after the fixed mold inserts molded plastic parts with the inner surface of the legs and chairs
Seat inside and four side . To The cAE software analysis, gas and reliable sub-surface, the slider and move the fixed mold, such as putting the slider with the gap Discharge.

Plastic trash can Features
materials:Solid and durable
High density polyethylene (HDPE) an injection -molded , no weld ;
Of high quality raw material, its molecular arrangement closely and evenly , in addition , raw materials by adding Anti-UV agents will not fade ;
Anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant , non-toxic , frost resistant . Hard plastic wheels, solid rubber tires is extremely difficult to break ;
Special thickening tank rim to withstand higher pressures ;
Useful life of up to 5-8 years.

Modern cost management system to make the product more cost-effective than the same type of product ;
As the product solid and durable, with an annual cost of each bin at 50 yuan ;
Since each bin are equipped with tires , you no longer need to purchase a small line of garbage trucks , but also cost savings.
Overall structural design of injection mold
According to structural features and their use plastic asked to select the type of gate . As the plastic lids lesser quality , but a larger projection area , so choose a model of a single- cavity mold cavity structure . Pouring product types should use sprue or point gate , located in the center of the plastic parts . In view of plastic parts for the appearance of products, leaving the outer surface does not allow the gate mark . Depression. Seam , etc. , the gate should be located in the inner surface of the plastic pieces , and straight pouring chemicals thick, the outer surface in plastic products sag, shrinkage and other defects, so determine the use of point gate . For ordinary gating system , the choice of point gate to adopt a more complex three-plate mold structure and sequence of points based institutions ; while for hot runner mold , you only need two -plate mold structure can mold the overall structure is simple .
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