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Bucket mould industry challenges with confidence for a better       2014-07-22 07:08      visitor 



As everyone knows, the bucket mould industry is closely linked with people's life. It has penetrated into every corner of life. As a basic industry in China, which is the foundation of our national economy. In recent years, the development of domestic automobile, household appliances, thanks to the IT industry, packaging, building materials, daily necessities such as mould for large user industry, market development of our country's current bucket mould industry is very rapid, and every year has 15% ~ 20% of the trend growth rate.

It is understood, continued to expand and affected by various national policies and domestic market space, the domestic auto industry, IT, packaging and other industries in recent years very rapid development momentum, not only in the production capacity has been greatly developed, but also in the industry of high-end also has a considerable progress. Therefore, the industry has a strong bucket mould needs in three aspects of high school low-end.

However, with the development of the industry, the industry demand for high-end bucket mould is more and more big, the bucket mould industry has taken all the way to the development of high-end. In addition, the domestic automobile manufacturing technology above 90% are used in mould, plastic products, 90% above are bucket moulded by the bucket mould plastic parts, many IT industry also need by bucket moulding, demand is our country bucket mould products continued growth, domestic demand has a great impetus to the development of China's bucket mould industry.

Industry experts said, these internal demand is continuing to promote China's bucket mould industry development pace, domestic bucket mould industry is facing with many challenges and difficulties, but the prospects for the industry is still very good, industry personnel should be full of confidence, continuous efforts, contribute together to the bright future of the industry.