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crate mould proportion will gradually increase       2014-07-07 08:52      visitor 


With the request of many industries are increasingly high crate mould, precision crate mould industry is becoming more and more hot. Along with the vigorous development of information transformation and traditional industries of electronic information industry, plastic crate mould market prospects for a wider, global high-grade, precision plastic crate mould market is in short supply situation.

In recent years, China plastic mould manufacturing level has been greatly improved, large plastic mould produced a single set of weight has reached more than 50t, precision plastic mould precision has reached 3cm, multi cavity plastic crate mould has been able to produce plastic crate mould 7800 cavity crate mould, high speed crate mould side has been able to produce high speed extrusion speed the plastic profile extrusion die and more than 4m/min main profile double cavity moulds.

Similar to the National Plastics processing industry regional distribution, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta plastic products industry in the forefront, the proportion of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong plastic mould value in the mould of total output value accounted for 70%. and with the Chinese automobile, home appliances, electronic communication, the rapid development of all kinds of building materials, is expected in the future market of mould, plastic mould the proportion of the total accounted for crate mould will gradually increase, and the growth rate will be faster than other crate mould.