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crate mould steel market will have larger development space       2014-06-27 08:23      visitor 



large-scale crate mould growing alliance network. On the one hand, crate moulding the forest is large, on the other hand, in order to improve production efficiency, a multi cavity, so large mould steel demand will increase year by year; more andmore high precision crate mould, the requirements for steel quality is good, good dimensional stability; the demand for die steel for plastic mould steel,increasing; the demand for high-grade tool steel continues to increase, low level of die steel surplus; in addition, with the increasingly widespread application of crate mould standard parts, mould standardization, commercialization degree enhancement, the die steel product quality, specifications and deliveryperiod will be put forward higher requirements.

Prospective industry Research Institute pointed out that the die steel is one of the important material production crate mould, under the impetus of crate mould industry, the development of die industry rapidly, the demand has continued to increase,especially in high-grade plastic crate mould steel, crate mould steel demand will continue to increase.

It is understood, the crate mould is consumable, the large amount of. According to the survey report shows, more than 90% of the automotive industry parts by crate moulding, at the same time the use of cold, hot, plastic crate mould steel, crate mould permillion cars consumption 0.12 tons; household electrical appliance industrypart 80% by crate mould crate moulding, the usage is the largest plastic die steel.

Data from prospective industry research institute is expected in the next 5 years, die steel in our country industry will have a larger space for development, especially in the field of high-end products. Future, the domestic high-end die steel will gradually realize the import substitution. For China's large iron and steel enterprises, the future development of die steel industry will complete the research in following several aspects: first, strengthening the basic theory research, improve the quality and properties of die steel;secondly, carrying out diversified varieties and specifications of die steel, fine materials and products; third, speed up the application of informationtechnology, improve the PAI industry specialization; at the same time, we should focus on the development of plastic crate mould steel, go high-end route, set up the brand and innovation of die steel, "steel" store sales model, continue to promote the development of the domestic steel industry.

Therefore, the iron and steel enterprise according to the development trend ofdomestic crate mould manufacturing and crate mould the demand of the market, seize thenew die steel research and development of high precision, high toughness,corrosion resistance, high quality, make domestic hot and cold working die steel reached the advanced world level. Believe in the future, our productioncrate mould steel quality and technology is getting better and better, die steel marketwill be faster and better development, will lead the development of domesticdie steel industry a higher level to. Future, we rub one's eyes and wait