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Plastic mould industry into a pillar of automotive aviation d       2013-11-12 13:11      visitor 


China Mould steady upward trend in the overall market . At present, the domestic market for high-end appliances, automotive , plastics plastic moulds in great demand , the automotive industry , the aviation industry to develop, but also rely on the plastic mould industry to support.

    1 , automotive product upgrading depends on  plastic mould

    It is reported that in 2009 China's passenger car models changeover to 221 ( of which 175 sedan models ) , compared with more than 114 models in 2008 . Independent models 120 models , and like a full mid-range Passat die on more than 250 million yuan , a large plastic plastic mould of about 35 million to 40 million ; heart of the generator from the car to the car body in white cylinder die stampings, from speeding up China's energy the development of environmentally friendly vehicles processes ( such as automobile engines plastic intake manifold abroad accounted for 80% of the injection plastic mould to achieve ) , the new super steel hot forming dies, plastic moulds are required to drive the automobile industry localization of core components , upscale car cover plastic mould , automotive lightweight new material forming plastic moulds and multi-position progressive die are to promote the development of automobile brand protection equipment, automotive equipment, plastic mould in the important part.

    Appliance industry: home appliances parts plastic moulding rely pull gold stamping , plastic , foam , adsorption and other types of plastic moulds, a fridge 150-200 pay plastic mould , an air conditioner 50 to pay about plastic mould , a washing machine to pay around 60 plastic moulds , but also there are plenty of small appliances ... 6000 2011 Purchase Haier pay the amount over five die around one hundred million . 2009 12 Ministry anus printed "on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of household appliances industry guidance" for product upgrades and technical upgrading of the important tasks , accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China's household appliances ( such as low noise , energy saving , multi- compartment , ) plastic mould appliance parts manufacturing level is the level of technology products to upgrade the manufacturing process to achieve.

    2009 sales of 600 billion plastics industry , driven by 1:100 , there will be 60 Die-billion support.

2 , plastic mould manufacturing technology is the basis for aviation

    Sheet Metal Equipment: As an important foundation for aviation manufacturing technology , aviation sheet metal forming equipment and technology to provide the main plastic mould device is in superplastic forming equipment, thermoforming equipment, spinning equipment, bending forming equipment , etc. , a large plate class three-dimensional surface of a plastic mould products often require dozens or even hundreds of sets , sheet plastic moulding from the plastic mould surface ; multi -point forming , plastic mould making to plastic mould the whole into a series of discrete regular arrangement , height-adjustable base body to the envelope surface finish , and thus the development of multi-point forming technology have more forming machines, and so on.

    Aircraft interior plastic mould sets of technology research and development and industrialization : supporting the development of Chinese commercial aircraft providing products plastic mould manufacturing technology , the choice of high strength, flame retardant , anti- smoke , heat engineering , combined with the field of aviation technical standards and requirements for aircraft interior parts of the material selection , product structure analysis and design,   plastic mould  design and manufacture and final product assembly technology research and development of aircraft interiors complete technology for industrial applications . The aircraft interior parts , the plastic will help reduce the use of improved aircraft weight, save fuel and reduce costs. According to incomplete statistics , the aircraft interior parts in the   plastic mould  about 200 sets , the output value of a billion, driven parts output value of 30 billion yuan.