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Crate mould seamless welding technology       2014-04-01 15:16      visitor 



With the growing global market demand for high-quality parts , people can improve part accuracy , seamless welding technology increasingly popular. Recently, Japan's Makino (Makino) coalition partners successfully developed a new type of seamless welding technology , which can effectively eliminate the seam between the crate moulds , transfer lines and parting lines. The key to this process is the use of advanced technology and vertical machining centers, can be used in new ways to produce crate moulds , while the injection crate moulding process, using a highly efficient heating and cooling cycle technology . This new technology has not yet applied for a patent for its development related Makino machining applications.

 According to media reports , seamless welding technology in the crate mould welding exhibited superior performance , improve the accuracy of parts, observability finish and appearance , shortening the crate mould manufacturing cycle.

Seamless welding technology, not only can help eliminate crate mould seam , but also a corresponding increase in the accuracy of parts , finish and appearance of observability . Meanwhile, the seamless welding technology in the injection crate moulding process, the implementation of effective control , shortening the crate mould processing cycle. Because of the technology products with excellent surface finish , so no use of secondary deposition and annealing , thus avoiding the dimensional changes caused by secondary contraction . This technology is applicable to most plastic resin and glass-filled material , particularly suitable for automotive instrument panels , laptop case , TVs and digital cameras and other devices shell processing and production, is also applicable to large-scale display devices and automotive exterior parts processing.

New crate mould seamless welding technology

In the conventional production process of a crate mould , the cooling line is arranged in the vicinity of the crate mould surface , the surface finish of the product is not always uniform. In some relatively new process, through the crate mould core and cavity cooling water pipelines in the vicinity of the resin injection settings area, you can enable the production of better product quality assurance .

The new seamless welding technology uses a modern machine tools and some new technology. A process according to requirements of the new technology, the processing of the mesh-like crate mould core and cavity , and in order to avoid moving the second clamping , using a fourth axis milling machine , which can improve the accuracy tolerances . Room cooling fins , and water pipelines board has also been more widely used , and further improve product quality and seamless weld finish.

Effect on crate mould manufacturing process

Seamless welding technology, the emergence of new channels of the crate mould design and the use of a variety of changes polyhedron vertical machining center milling possible. In actual compression crate moulding process, the crate mould channel design changes can help control the optimum crate mould heating and cooling temperature change . Through the diameter of the permeation chamber is important for milling , can be maintained within the temperature fluctuations of 60 . The permeate chamber is consistent with the cavity behind the milling , the shape of the crate mould cavity can be used as high-pressure steam and cooling water passage , can play the role of thermal conductivity of the crate mould cavity surface , the temperature distribution is more uniform , so as to maintain temperature control temperature fluctuation rate.

Polyhedron using vertical machining center with compressed air does not need to debug time milling , with shorter cycles and increase the reliability of the production cost of the crate mould has been reduced. The machining center equipped with specially designed clamp and clamp system (rotary smart clamp ) , using the clamping system , workpieces just installed a debug card processing can be surrounded by a crate mould core and cavity . Surface alternately , continuous processing and indexing efficiently , shorten the processing cycle and delivery time. Using a standard horizontal machining center is unable to achieve these characteristics.

Makino first processing system for the design of the workpiece to a fixed indexing angles and the corresponding surface processing. Because of the workpiece at an angle indexing , and according to the score values ​​to move the coordinate value , the process can be controlled and corrected CNC equipment , it eliminates the need to adopt CAM software ever .

Seamless welding technique does not use warpage and deformation of the workpiece to match the side cavity of the crate mould and the crate mould core will not cause any problems. Further, since the workpiece may be tilted to avoid using only the end face of the ball end mill for machining , extending the cutter life.