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how to make high quality crate mold       2017-08-08 09:40      visitor 

First of all, we need to choose the most suitable mold steel for core and cavity, as well as mold base. For instance, to make a crate mold of 4 cavities, we should us pre-hardened steel of hardness above 33 HRC for mold base. it is also very important to choose appropriate standard mold parts. Also we need to control the hardness of every block of steel, it can not be too hard. Secondly, for the moving and guiding areas of crate mold, we must apply precision machining, no manual polishing is allowed. For the plastic, if you want to make a long lasting crate product, we suggest low melt index HDPE, or plastic material of 4, or 6 melt index. The third is to make the most optimized cooling system. In order to make smooth ejection, We need to equip 2 hydraulic cylinder to assist the automatic ejection of the product. SAPW-TZ is professional experienced crate mold maker.