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the guide line of thin wall container mold design       2017-08-18 14:20      visitor 


The design guide line of thin wall container product design


1. keep a gap of 0.15mm-0.2mm between the cap and body.

2. Keep a gap of 0.8-1mm for where the edge of the cap touches the body.

3. The thickness of rib should be thinner than the thickness of product, most of thin-wall container products are transparent, thick rib will result in air bubble.


The design guide line of thin wall container mold.


1. generally thin wall container mold structure is simple, do not have undercut or thin steel. For example, thin wall cup, product surface have at least 3 degree angle, can design side air, angle air, air gate.

2. If the rib on stripper plate is under 1mm, we make insert for machining feasibility.

3. The design of multiple cavity thin wall mold:

a. Lock seal of each cavity, individual seal lock design is feasible for all shapes of thin wall molds. Every cavity is independent, plant core sub-plate on the touching bottom of the core.

b. Integrated mold locking, wall thickness bigger than 0.8mm, machine is small, can not put in. If need integrated locking, customer need specify in advance.

4. core and cavity structure design:

  a. use P20 steel for cavity insert holder plate.

  b. single cavity mold of bucket, the bottom is hollow, must make sure the pressing plate has more than 45mm height of steel to prevent flash in cavity.

  c. use inserts for the edge of cavity insert, to prevent the thin steel from breaking.

  d. make water bushing insert for the gate, to reduce the time to cool the hot runner.