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Chair mold technical guides

1. how to achieve fast cycle shot.

  Assuming that the chair weight is 1800-2500 g, the temperature of cooling water is 8-13 , the critical thing is the design of cooling system. For example, to make vertical cooling channel, circle cooling channel, to make diameter of cooling channel above 6mm, if the direction of the cooling channel in accordance with the direction of the chair, and the direction of the runner. If we consider the above things carefully, the cycle time should be around 30-45s.

2. how to prevent flash along parting line.

  To make sure there is no flash along parting line is very important of chair mold. first, thickness of core and cavity should be sufficient. Secondly, it is the machining. Generally, we do 3 stages of machining. Firstly, it is rough machining, and steel nitriding , them CNC machining, we call this process hall precision machining, generally, we will leave 0.3mm steel, after the steel stress is fully relieved, we make precision CNC machining. At this stage,the precision is critical, the unit cutting depth can not exceed 0.08mm. only when we strictly follow these processes, then we can ensure perfect parting line.